Pravind Jugnauth at Free Wifi launch : ‘The Sky Is The Limit’

At the launch of the new free WiFi service across 350 hotspots, the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth posited that it’s his government’s aim to bring about the democratization of technology. His vision for Mauritius and Rodrigues entails making technology cheaper and omnipresent, hence the focus on free wifi connectivity. This will help people from various backgrounds get a glimpse of the world beyond. Just the week before, Mauritius Telecom started a new service called the ‘Business Boost’ to provide SMEs with better connections at cheaper prices.

Mauritius Telecom free wifi

It’s under the direction of CEO Sherry Singh that Mauritius Telecom has taken the radical stance to accelerate the implementation of fiber optics throughout the island, setting the goal to December 2017 instead of 2020. In his impassioned speech, the Prime Minister exhorted the advantages that this new venture will provide, adding that albeit his government is facing local and international incertitudes, they are focused on delivering excellent results. Not to mention, the current government’s budgetary promise is to make access to the internet a staple in our country.

The democratization of technology is tantamount to a revolution in itself, since this is a step towards making our economy more global. Mauritius Telecom is working in tandem with the government to fast-track this project and they are already planning to establish an underwater fiber optics liaison with Rodrigues.

Mauritius’ standing in the world is gradually improving, thanks to the social measures geared towards the technological emancipation of our citizens. The optimism of a whole nation depends on the efforts of the government and when it comes to technology, we haven’t been let down. The sky is truly the limit.

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Lutchmeenaraidoo was rude to Axcel Chenney

Yesterday, at a press conference where he was supposedly planning to come clear on the fishy Euroloan debacle, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo expulsed the charismatic Axcel Chenney from the room when the latter refused to give up on his line of questioning. Mind you, this was a press conference about the nature of the loan and the minister in question categorically refused to answer Chenney’s queries, deflecting by using the word ‘affidavit’ like it’s supposed to mean something, castigating Chenney for doing his job as a public watchdog and then outright banning him from the room. He also mockingly referred to Chenney as ‘René’, resorting to personal attacks because he couldn’t possibly win that debate.

What this really shows us is that our politicians are doing their best to quash journalistic integrity and freedom of the press in our country. To be fair to them, when they coined the word ‘paradise island’, it was probably in the spirit of all the looting they can take part in without the public scrutiny. Now that the cover-ups are being brought to the fore of the national agenda, we are beginning to see the true nature of the people in power-a bunch of sordid megalomaniacs without a modicum of integrity. But some politicians think that once they’re in power, they’re akin to demigods who shouldn’t be held accountable- did their parents not teach them moral values?

A politician ordering a journalist to ‘shut up’ is unheard of in real democracies, even the narcissistic Donald Trump, for all his animosity towards the mainstream media, has never targeted a journalist using such incendiary, insulting language. So we have to put things in context here, we have to admit that our politicians don’t really care about us (the famous ‘mo piss ar zot’), they’re in it for the money and they don’t give a damn about the legacy that their tainted politics will leave behind.

Moris Dime : Soyons Mauriciens par l’expression de l’Art

Alors qu’il nous reste moins de 365 jours avant le cinquantième anniversaire de l’Indépendance en 2018 et les 25 ans de la République, Maurice se transforme graduellement en un énorme plateau d’échange culturelle. Créer une sensation de fierté et d’admiration en se basant sur l’histoire de notre nation, c’est le but principal du projet Moris Dime qui a été lancé par l’agence d’art pédagogique Meta-Morphosis.
Meta-Morphosis est en effet une société d’ingénierie culturelle formée en juin 2015. La boite œuvre pour la protection et la préservation des lieux mythiques de l’ile à travers des exploits artistiques.
Sous l’auspice de son Excellence Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, Présidente de l’Ile Maurice, Moris Dime tente de célébrer aux mieux les talents, les savoir-faire et les différents gagne-pains des mauriciens. Derrière l’image parfaite d’une ile paradisiaque et d’une économie qui ne cesse de prospérer depuis presque 50 ans, nous devons reconnaitre tous les efforts et sacrifices que toutes les générations précédentes ont apporté pour faire de l’Ile Maurice ce qu’elle est devenue aujourd’hui. Chaque Mauricien est une partie intégrale de ce qu’est notre ile à ce jour et de ce que deviendra MORIS DIME.
Des artistes locaux et de renommée mondiale, de tous genres et d’univers ont été conviés pour devenir les porte-paroles des Mauriciens. Ils vont transmettre le ressenti des habitants à travers des expressions artistiques sur des murs, conteneurs et autres supports pendant une période de 500 jours.
À l’occasion du Street Art Together, un grand nombre d’artistes amateurs ont egalement collaboré tout récemment pour donner un coup de fraicheur au futur théâtre sous la supervision de cinq artistes mauriciens. A savoir qu’une exposition de photographies de Franck Vogel ainsi que plusieurs autres artistes célèbres sera aussi bientôt à l’affiche. Il faut souligner que Moris Dime invite tous les artistes qui souhaitent contribuer à ce projet de prendre contact avec l’équipe


Mauritius Telecom isn’t resting on its laurels. Just last week, the ‘Business Boost’ was launched to provide SMEs with better quality internet connections at cheaper prices. This week, it was announced that it was going to provide various public organizations and institutes with free WIFI connection, boosting confidence in our technological revolution. The unveiling of this new service took place in the presence of the Prime Minister, hon. Pravind Jugnauth, who declared that it was his budgetary promise to make wifi connectivity ubiquitous on the island.

In order to access the WIFI at those locations, you will need to enter your mobile phone number, after which you will receive the PIN via an SMS. Using that PIN you will be able to log in and connect to the internet at all those aforementioned hotspots and if ever the volume is used up, you will have to request for a new PIN. It’s as easy as it gets.

The direction that Mauritius Telecom has taken to revolutionize technology infrastructure in Mauritius is laudable, to say the least. It has pledged to complete the installation of fibre optics throughout the island by December 2017, an unparalleled feat in the Sub Saharan region. Many countries in Europe haven’t yet promulgated the fibre optics technology, so it can be said that Mauritius Telecom gives precedence to excellence rather than dominance.

The CEO Sherry Singh should be praised for having the guts to greenlight such a noble effort in order to make Mauritius the cyber hub in Africa. Such a change will be commensurate with technological growth that might rejuvenate our economy, creating more jobs in IT and making our population more technologically savvy. The modernization of Mauritius will depend on its ability to compete on the global sphere but Mauritius Telecom as the sole provider of some indispensable services should really try to be the best at what it’s doing, notwithstanding the efforts we highlighted.


Havana is calling. It’s the cornerstone of a world that took eons to hone its decadent beauty, no wonder Ernest Hemingway chose to call it his humble abode. People who are drawn to Cuba are fascinated by its stoic landscape, unscarred by the mass industrialization that happened the world over. So in an unassuming way, it’s a world on its own. A world of people cherishing a simple life, smoking cigars and getting lost in its mirthful music. If you’re still unfazed, bear with me while I paint a picture for you.

Why Cuba? Because it’s an experience like no other, because its ocean is redolent of a wild mixture of adventure, nostalgia and vintage imagery, because it’s the birthplace of a generation of men who combined pleasure with jingoism. There’s no other place like Cuba. On our first day, it’s true we will be exhausted from our flight but we will be whisked away to a beautiful rustic hotel in the heart of Havana. There, we will prepare our psyche for 2 weeks of wonder and discovery, a journey that will be forever etched in our memory.


Cuban Woman

We will saunter through the streets of Havana, discovering the endemic delicacies at our disposal. On the 2nd day of our stay, we will get the full-fledged history lesson we need to understand the mystique of Cuba. We will visit the defining monuments of its colonial heydays, vestiges from the past that will imbue a sense of amazement, vicariously reliving the past. After that, it will be the propitious moment to make a foray into the wildlife and nature intrinsic to Cuba, which even includes visiting its sugarcane plantations and the birthplace of their iconic cigars-the tobacco fields.

We will steer away from Havana to visit the myriads of naturally occurring landmarks including the Indian Cave and the exquisite Caridad garden, home to several exotic plants. To top it all off, the very next day, we will go to the mythical Bay of Pigs, the epitome of the Cuban spirit. The following days, we’ll indulge in a plethora of outdoorsy and nautical activities, mingle with the locals and even wander aimlessly through the meandering, vintage streets.


Our odyssey to Cuba is going to be fraught with exhilarating moments and adventure, and since you’re an Argonaut like me, this is exactly what you need. This is Havana calling.

Based on the ‘Discover Cuba with your family’ package.

The Parliamentary Session is GOOD QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT

If you didn’t watch the parliamentary debates yesterday, it’s fair to assume you’re not into politics. But to be able to fully appreciate the shambolic discussions of our MPs, you don’t even have to know a thing about politics because in the end, it all boils down to fine comedy. From the pathetic rape of the English language to the juvenile insults hurled at each other, it truly is our country’s best comedy show to date, and whoever said that politicians are good actors is actually right!

There were a number of discussions going back and forth, including the biscuit business, but one that really was worth listening intently to, was hon. Shakeel Mohammed’s passionate speech on racism and communalism in this country. Again resorting to identity politics to dumb down the noise surrounding his shady activities, hon. Gayan tried to create a diversion. Hon. Mohammed’s takedown of the pathetic deflections of the ruling party was admirable to say the least.

Watching the MPs debate crucial matters is like watching a bunch of teenagers arguing except that they’re in formal clothing, and they’re way too old to behave like teenagers! The bedlam in the House was akin to a high school classroom where everyone is trying to discredit each other. No wonder hon. Paul Berenger and his colleagues got expulsed, when they yelled out their opposition to hon. Dookhun’s apocryphal concerns. At one point, the Speaker told hon. Berenger, ‘Don’t make gestures with me’ which can only be construed as ‘Pas vin fer zess ar moi’ to which Berenger retorted, ‘To ene bouffon’, which should be reflected upon and then seriously laughed at.

After hon. Berenger’s expulsion, there was a mass walk out in his support but honestly, it could be that they were just bored or they didn’t want to miss the match. The fact that these debates are now being televised truly illuminates the public on the sheer incompetence and utter buffoonery of our representatives, maybe some will have the wisdom to concur that we need better people to represent our population. But that’s the state of our political clime-ridiculous attempts to deny corruption while fully reaping the benefits of full-fledged corruption, a dash of racism to incite public outrage and a bunch of MPs acting like irate toddlers. Truly, it’s the best local entertainment that you will ever come across.

Huawei P10 Plus v Samsung Galaxy 8: what you need to know !

Huawei P10 v Samsung Galaxy 8: what you need to know !
Smartphones are now considered to be mere commodities and the fight for power over the market is more than ever soaring. Whilst the trade of smartphones generates hundreds of billions of dollars in terms of revenue, experts are now concerned with the trend line that is not growing to meet the expanding expectations of the market.
The industry is already showing signs of saturation. Where smartphones are ageing quicker than ever the level of excitement is experiencing a form of diminishing marginal utility. Also, while every new device is blooming with some supposedly unique features, there’s an irksome perception that bland duplication has now become the on-going innovation.
Let’s not fool ourselves; progress won’t stop. But if you’re looking for a change that will leave you gasping, you should re consider your options. While Apple was the domineering driver of the market, we have witnessed Samsung surpassing them with predictable ease. The latter has been providing a line of phones that would suit any market segment, from the entry level J-series to the super premium Galaxy S. On the same battlefield, Huawei has started to affirm its leading position too, with the release of the last Huawei P9 which has been a huge success on the market.
In fact, the company has recently made its comeback by launching the Huawei P10, with a design very well inspired from the Apple line. We could almost mistake it for an Iphone 7 at first glance. It feels like Huawei didn’t invest much on design innovation this time, while Samsung’s Galaxy 8 is far beyond what was expected. The phone is a striking evolution from the Galaxy S6/S7. It’s sleek design with no home button, extra space on top and the bottom, not to forget the gorgeous curved anti-dust screen of this waterproof device is almost breath-taking.
Unfortunately, they are the two most expensive phones on the market right now, both valued at Rs 27,000 approximately and the plus sizes being priced at roughly Rs 34000. The difference is that in this case, you’ll be paying for the safest form of biometric security that exists, with an improved version of Apple’s Siri, Bixby, which operates on a context-aware formula. The package also includes enhanced camera lenses, brand new processors and an app that would allow you to control home devices through your smartphone.

Samsung experts hope that this irrefutably strong product will deliver a terrific launch, lifting Samsung back to the top position it held before the South Korean firm’s scandals with the Note 7. Let’s cross fingers for our favorite IT house.


52 times. That’s the number of times a 10 year old boy was flogged in a primary school, which is the ‘traditional’ comeuppance in most schools. Those who’ve had the misfortune of experiencing public school life would know that not only is physical retribution the norm to this day, but there’s also a tacit agreement among school officials to refrain from uttering a single word about it. But the most alarming thing in this story isn’t really about the physical aspect per se, but the emotional cruelty that an adult inflicted on a child without any remorse.

Human beings have evolved, or rather we think we have and so have our moral guidelines. In an agrarian society, violence wasn’t only a prerequisite, it was also a common way to mediate skirmishes. But eventually, the renaissance taught us that violence was barbaric and primitive and it didn’t really solve things in the long haul. But it seems like some teachers aren’t well versed in compassion and understanding. Is there a dearth in their training or do they find it easier to let out their repressed feelings on defenceless children? I am by no means lumping all educators in the same category but this is such a common occurrence that there must be an underlying agreement on its acceptability.

Not all kids are geniuses nor do they learn at the same pace. Our school system fails to provide the apposite pedagogical tools to dyslexic children. Instead, they are victimized by their teacher and ostracized from the learning process as a whole, which makes them indifferent to formal education. Recent CPE results have shown us that a vast majority of children fail to even string words together to form a coherent sentence and whose fault is that, if not the educational system itself? Parents are also hamstrung by their ambition and they put excruciating pressure on children whose psyche isn’t ready for such an encumbrance.

It can be daunting to be an educator and observe that many children just fail to grasp the crux of what is being taught to them, but that’s because we are not fixing the loopholes in our system. Instead of force-feeding glib, superficial ‘mathematical’ methods to students, why don’t teachers first introduce them to the concept as a whole? Children tend to be enthralled by new ideas, humdrum equations don’t really inspire them. Maybe teachers should revamp their teaching methods, instead of resorting to abject cruelty. Just because they wield power in the classroom doesn’t mean that they have the authority to physically abuse someone’s child and get away with it.


Rejoice politicians! It’s about time! Our dear ministers were always at loggerheads with each other, trying to clear themselves from alleged ‘corruption’ charges. But finally, the Supreme court has ruled that it is no longer a crime to be a corrupt politician! IT IS NOW LEGAL TO GIVE YOUR GIRLRIENDS HUGE SUMS OF MONEY AND GET AWAY WITH IT!

After interviewing several high ranking members in the ruling party, it came to our attention that although they can get away with corruption with impunity, they’re not happy, contrary to what we had expected. As it happens, the fact that their colleagues can now buy favours from almost anyone, puts them in a difficult position. Commenting on that conundrum, a well-known politician said ‘there’s so much competition. It was so much better in the past’. Oh honey, you just have to deal with it now.

To officialise this new era in mass fraud and corruption, a ceremony was held at the Labourdonnais hotel, with the prominent businessman Alvaro as guest speaker. He spoke highly of his supporters here, promising them that he will bestow a great deal of tokens upon those who will help him achieve his lifelong dream of making the world corrupt again!

The glaring absence of Navin was noted but an insider told us that he’s on his way to Italy to relay the good news to Nandanee! The insider was overcome with emotions as he spoke, adding, ‘corrupt lives matter! Now all cotomili sellers can become millionaires in this country.’ We pondered on that and we came to the conclusion that this is only feasible if said ‘cotomili seller’ is an attractive female in Navin’s vicinity.

Another problem that has arisen following this ground-breaking motion is the fact that many politicians are now going bankrupt because their mistresses are pestering them with additional requests. Now that corruption is finally legal AND mainstream, our politicians have observed that their girlfriends are charging more money for what was essentially free in the past. Relating his quandary to our publication, a very famous politician stated; ‘I used to give her Rs323 000 for a phoney position, now she’s demanding Rs 1,323,000 for a lesser position!’ Wherefore art thou trying to ruin me?! But he also acknowledged that the legality of corruption has afforded him many favours, like for instance, his wife no longer questions his shady activities, and instead pockets a hefty sum of Rs 3,000,000 as the head of a medical society. When asked what prompted him to recommend his wife for that position despite her lack of qualifications, this prominent minister replied; ‘I don’t care. Corruption is legal now! Mo piss ar zot.’
If you didn’t realize midway through the article that this is nothing but a satirical piece, you’re either an elated politician or a clueless patriot. So it is with great sadness that I’m going to wish you a HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY.

Mauritius Telecom continues to innovate with new Business Boost

The unveiling of the Business Boost by Mauritius Telecom took place on the 30th March 2017 in the presence of the Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation, Yogida Sawmynaden and the Minister of Business, Enterprise & Cooperatives, Soomilduth Bholah.

Sherry Singh, the CEO of MT emphasised how the new services will provide better and faster connections at reduced prices. Thanks to Business Boost, SMEs will benefit greatly and won’t have to worry about additional costs.

It’s about time that the internet revolution includes SMEs since they are the lifeblood of our ‘middle-income’ economy.

Among the packages available, SMEs will get to choose connection speeds starting at 20 Mbps at Rs 1250, 50 Mbps at Rs 2400 and 100 Mbps at Rs 4700.

The services will help boost confidence in technological progress since SMEs will be interconnected and will be able to advertise extensively both on the local and global markets. From the fastest broadband fibre speeds, to cloud services including TV channels, MT wants to ensure that your business has what it needs to grow.

The tailor-made packages include additional services such as domain names, ensuring that our local businesses will be able to compete on the digital market.

This marks a new beginning in the digitalization of our local home grown companies and it might change the economic landscape in Mauritius.