Havana is calling. It’s the cornerstone of a world that took eons to hone its decadent beauty, no wonder Ernest Hemingway chose to call it his humble abode. People who are drawn to Cuba are fascinated by its stoic landscape, unscarred by the mass industrialization that happened the world over. So in an unassuming way, it’s a world on its own. A world of people cherishing a simple life, smoking cigars and getting lost in its mirthful music. If you’re still unfazed, bear with me while I paint a picture for you.

Why Cuba? Because it’s an experience like no other, because its ocean is redolent of a wild mixture of adventure, nostalgia and vintage imagery, because it’s the birthplace of a generation of men who combined pleasure with jingoism. There’s no other place like Cuba. On our first day, it’s true we will be exhausted from our flight but we will be whisked away to a beautiful rustic hotel in the heart of Havana. There, we will prepare our psyche for 2 weeks of wonder and discovery, a journey that will be forever etched in our memory.


Cuban Woman

We will saunter through the streets of Havana, discovering the endemic delicacies at our disposal. On the 2nd day of our stay, we will get the full-fledged history lesson we need to understand the mystique of Cuba. We will visit the defining monuments of its colonial heydays, vestiges from the past that will imbue a sense of amazement, vicariously reliving the past. After that, it will be the propitious moment to make a foray into the wildlife and nature intrinsic to Cuba, which even includes visiting its sugarcane plantations and the birthplace of their iconic cigars-the tobacco fields.

We will steer away from Havana to visit the myriads of naturally occurring landmarks including the Indian Cave and the exquisite Caridad garden, home to several exotic plants. To top it all off, the very next day, we will go to the mythical Bay of Pigs, the epitome of the Cuban spirit. The following days, we’ll indulge in a plethora of outdoorsy and nautical activities, mingle with the locals and even wander aimlessly through the meandering, vintage streets.


Our odyssey to Cuba is going to be fraught with exhilarating moments and adventure, and since you’re an Argonaut like me, this is exactly what you need. This is Havana calling.

Based on the ‘Discover Cuba with your family’ package.