Nandanee Soornack’s story is now part of our culture, whether we like it or not. She is holding a live press conference this Wednesday in Milan to discuss her private and professional life with the members of the press. Only 2 weeks ago, all charges of money laundering were dropped, with the judge qualifying the litigation attempts against Soornack as a ‘fishing expedition’. Needless to say, our justice system isn’t really a paragon of justice.

So what should we expect from Nandanee Soornack? Is she going to reveal anything new at all? Maybe she’s in need of attention because to be honest, who sends their selfies to the biggest newspaper agency in their home country out of the blue? Truth be told, we shouldn’t expect much from the press conference; no acts of contrition, no ironclad statements, no confessions. Because she had 3 years to come forward with her side of the story but she refrained from doing so, because of political pressure.

In Mauritius, it is now acceptable to receive favours from politicians in exchange of extra-marital love and nobody truly has the guts to question these practices. A meritocracy in this country is nothing but a dream.

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