He is the alleged drug lord of a heroin empire here in Mauritius, alongside his partner Homanchal Ramdin. Both were first apprehended when 157 kilograms of heroin were seized at the port, one of the biggest drug busts in the Indian Ocean. Navin Kistnah and his partner, the broker Homanchal Ramdin are both missing following the investigation that ensued. Navin Kistnah was reportedly arrested in Mozambique, with authorities confirming he was in their custody, which makes his disappearance even more suspect. The last we heard from him was on March 30, the day he released a statement about his arrest, decrying his innocence.

His mother is exhorting the authorities to provide evidence that her son is still alive and well, which is understandable since they’ve been withholding information and they have been reticent to expose Kistnah’s role in this affair. Whether under political pressure or encumbered by rules pertaining to this case, it’s dubious to see such blatant mishandling of an important case like this. Both the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit and The Independent Commission against Corruption are unwilling to reveal the specificities of the case, a blight on transparency within our justice department.

This isn’t the first drug bust occurring under such epic media exposure. Since the beginning of this year, news about drug seizures have been rudimentary in our media, exposing us to the harsh reality that our paradise island is on a permanent high (pun intended) when it comes to drug trafficking. The sources and the enablers of the traffickers are as of yet, unknown. We may speculate but the truth is, the justice department isn’t really keen on releasing details surrounding those cases, which leads us to believe that there are some influential people on the island manoeuvring in the background.

The officials in Mozambique have declared there has been no confirmation on Kistnah’s arrest. To make this affair even more topsy-turvy, even the reputed international Intelligence Agency, Interpol admitted that there’s no real proof that Kistnah was indeed arrested in Mozambique. So what we’re left with in terms of concrete evidence is that 157 kilograms of heroin were seized at the port and alleged traffickers are missing. Thirty-nine cylinders that apparently contained heroin were found at Montagne Jacquot on Friday, which adds to the development of this saga. But, we still don’t know who the culprits are and how justice will be served in this case.

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