Millions of Christians around the world are celebrating the ascent of Jesus Christ this Sunday. He went to the land beyond and came back, a symbolic reference to his greatness. After braving the Roman authorities who callously sentenced him to death by crucifixion, Jesus Christ emerged from the grave to claim the land of his holy father. Bewildered and utterly mesmerized, people began to assemble to offer their devotion in masses. But this isn’t just a tale of good v/s evil, this is a tale of how gods can sometimes walk amongst mere mortals.

Jesus Christ’s teachings permeate modern society more than any other religion because Christianity is after all a religion devoted to goodness and charity. To commemorate the rise of Jesus Christ, Christians worldwide participated in a 40-day lent (fast) to show their willingness to sacrifice just like Christ did. During these 40 days, pious devotion dominated a Christian’s life, but it wasn’t just religious per se, since it has spiritual attributes as well. Bottom-line is, Jesus Christ personifies the goodness in the world and in this day and age, religiosity of this kind is needed to wash away all the dirt and sins from our lives.

On Good Friday, we were reminded of the benevolence of Jesus Christ in letting his tormentors get away with such atrocious sins, because in life everyone will be tested but not to that extent. During the holy week, there’s a solemn remembrance of the injustices that called for a being like Christ to become the purveyor of holy ideas. Whilst it’s easier to cast stones and ostracize those who are different from us, it is much more fulfilling for our soul to embrace those who wrong us. Jesus Christ’s teachings have changed the world for the better because it brought charity and empathy to the forefront of society’s agenda.

If Jesus does return to us, let it be known to Him that we mortals are still fallible creatures even though his teachings have mollified us. Religion and spirituality go hand in hand, and it’s when they align together that big things happen in the world. On this spiritual day, amidst songs of gospel and ecclesiastical preachings, let us remember that if we want to honour Jesus Christ, the best way is to emulate his gentle character. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!

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