In Mauritius, advances in science and in the belief in evolution haven’t stopped us from clinging to age-old myths and superstitions. But as we delve into these spooky stories, a word of caution, it’s not for the faint hearted. Whether you believe in supernatural beings or you categorically deny their existence, these stories will at least give you a glimpse of what some Mauritians have been through, esoterically speaking.
Our readers share their experiences with the occult.

Andy (31 years old)

My friends and I were atheists. My sister went on holiday to China and I told her to get me an Ouija board, which is a board game reputed for being able to contact spirits. Of course, she was unaware of that fact and I didn’t really think much of it until the day came when we got around using it. That day, my whole life changed.

There were 3 of us, Steve, Hans and I. We decided to use the Ouija board during a ‘plan’ just for fun, since neither of us truly thought much of it. As soon as I got the board out, I felt my heart skip a beat, I cannot really put that sensation into words but it felt like my senses were warning me against using it. And I was right because danger was indeed imminent. We rolled the dice, taking turns asking the ‘spirit’ questions, mellow questions at first then Hans (who was a die-hard nonbeliever) asked it to show itself, he was basically taunting It. Suddenly, Steve started shaking, he collapsed on the floor and I didn’t think twice before throwing that board away.

Steve went outside to breathe in some fresh air, we didn’t know what had just happened but I thought Steve was just messing with us. Except that he wasn’t. We heard him yell and we darted outside and what we saw will remain etched in our memory forever. It was a pale white woman, she was clad in white from head to toe, she had long white hair and she was towering over us, three adult men. In an instant, she disappeared but we knew she had done something to Steve. Steve had witnessed something else entirely and to this day, he hasn’t related what happened on that night.

After that experience, Steve became embroiled in various types of religious healing programs and as for Hans and I, we got our first taste of the occult and we promised we would never mess with those things again.

Danwantee ( 80 years old)

I might be old but my memory is still very fresh. I vividly recall that day at the Plantation, my father was tending the land while I was helping my mother gather the grass for our cows. We were walking towards our cart when an old lady could be heard shouting for help. Instinctively, my father ran to her rescue but when he came back, he was shell-shocked. When we asked what had happened, he told us that the woman was hovering over the ground and she was our neighbour, who had just died the previous day.

Cassy ( 20 years old )

My boyfriend and I always loved to indulge in risky activities so one day we decided to go to this haunted mansion in Candos. When we entered the house, it didn’t seem that threatening, it was your quintessential abandoned house and although it was quite old, it was surprising that nobody even cared to renovate the interior as it was quite lavish. Soon we would understand why no one would want to be associated with that house.
My boyfriend and I were vising each room, engaging in casual conversation as we were doing so. When it was time to leave, I had a stomach churning feeling that something bad was going to happen. I pressed my boyfriend to follow me out at once and we both went our separate ways. Back home, it was pretty late so I just had dinner and went to sleep.
Around 3 in the morning, I woke up in a sleepy haze, like I was forcefully awakened by someone. When I turned to the other side of the bed, I saw my boyfriend looking downwards at me but as I blinked, he morphed into an ugly, evil witch. I was traumatized and I couldn’t move. She started pulling my hair and scratching my body with her long nails, muttering phrases in Latin. I prayed for god, I prayed and prayed until it stopped. I ran out of my room, and I erratically barged into my parents’ room to tell them what had just happened. When they asked me where I had been earlier, I told them the truth. My mom then looked at me, a worried expression on her face, and she told me that long ago, a greedy entrepreneur lived in that house. He had acquired so much bad karma that he killed himself and to this day, the bad spirits linger in that house because it is immersed in dark energy.

Popular sightings:

Lallmatie used to be notorious due to a series of unexplained sightings occurring during the last decade. One of the most popular stories coming out of there is the tale of the chariot.
A man allegedly saw two old ladies at the helm of a chariot darting across the street in the middle of the night. The man described how aboard the chariot, there was an ominous coffin from where sounds of hell emanated.
His wife corroborated his claims as she was watching from behind the curtain.

The ‘Lougarou mania’ of the 1990s is also forever embedded in the supernatural mythology of our island. Described as a burly, hairy anthropomorphic beast, it purportedly wreaked havoc during the night, frightening the inhabitants of a certain region. Although the tension waned after a while, it left its mark on our folklore.

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