Pravind Jugnauth at Free Wifi launch : ‘The Sky Is The Limit’

At the launch of the new free WiFi service across 350 hotspots, the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth posited that it’s his government’s aim to bring about the democratization of technology. His vision for Mauritius and Rodrigues entails making technology cheaper and omnipresent, hence the focus on free wifi connectivity. This will help people from various backgrounds get a glimpse of the world beyond. Just the week before, Mauritius Telecom started a new service called the ‘Business Boost’ to provide SMEs with better connections at cheaper prices.

Mauritius Telecom free wifi

It’s under the direction of CEO Sherry Singh that Mauritius Telecom has taken the radical stance to accelerate the implementation of fiber optics throughout the island, setting the goal to December 2017 instead of 2020. In his impassioned speech, the Prime Minister exhorted the advantages that this new venture will provide, adding that albeit his government is facing local and international incertitudes, they are focused on delivering excellent results. Not to mention, the current government’s budgetary promise is to make access to the internet a staple in our country.

The democratization of technology is tantamount to a revolution in itself, since this is a step towards making our economy more global. Mauritius Telecom is working in tandem with the government to fast-track this project and they are already planning to establish an underwater fiber optics liaison with Rodrigues.

Mauritius’ standing in the world is gradually improving, thanks to the social measures geared towards the technological emancipation of our citizens. The optimism of a whole nation depends on the efforts of the government and when it comes to technology, we haven’t been let down. The sky is truly the limit.

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